What’s G1 GLOBAL


The G1 community consists of the G1 Summit, G1 Global, and G1 regional/functional meetings. The”G1”conveys the idea of a Group of 1, not G7 or G20. It also means the Globe as One.
The G1 Global conference, is a meeting where leaders from government, business, academia, art, sports, and the media gather together to discuss challenges facing Asia and the world and to make commitments to create and innovate societies. In February 2011, more than 180 top Japanese leaders, including Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, gathered for the third G1 Summit and addressed issues concerning society, technology, and culture. G1 Global, the English-language spin-off of the G1 Summit, will be a great opportunity for participants to expand their global networks and have in-depth discussions about various fields and industries with distinguished experts.


We seek to provide opportunities for top leaders who take on prominent roles in the world to learn from each other, create community, and address the future of the world.

(1) Participants broaden their perspectives through in-depth discussion on a wide range of areas from politics, economy, culture, technology, and the environment.
(2) Participants create an enhanced community globally.
(3) Participants address global issues and solution facing the world to build the future of the world that we live in.

Conference Policy
Three principles of the Conference:
(I)Making proposals rather than mere criticism
(II)Taking actions, not just having ideas
(III)Recognizing our responsibility as next-generation leaders

The Past Activities of the G1 Summits

The first G1 Summit was held at Fukushima, Japan in February 2009. Over 100 top leaders in Japan attended the conference and participated in discussions on how to contribute to the Japanese society under the agenda of “Japan and the Society in 2020.” The Second G1 Summit with 140 prominent leaders took place at Hokkaido, Japan, in March 2010. The second G1 Summit’s theme was “The Sun also rises - What can our generation do?” The conference provided all the participants across various fields and positions with a precious opportunity of exchanging ideas over what can be done to revive Japan once again.

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